BATHTUB SONGS: and Other Extracurricular Activities follows song-and-dance man Beverly Fresh to the annual Turkey Trot festival in the southern Indiana town of Montgomery. The film examines the rural cultural rituals and events of small Midwestern towns and investigates the sense of restlessness that hangs in the region. Beverly meets with Dare-L and the Pork Chop Boys and sets out to ease their desperation. He comes across a demolition derby driver, traveling salesmen, banjo player and other kindred spirits wandering nervous and lookin' for something else.This is a limited edition run of 30 VHS. 
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Wild American Dogs present “Wandering Nervous” a 90 minute cassette full of Songs, Taking and Sounds. Direct from the backroads of the rural Midwestern United States. This is a limited edition of 33 hand dubbed and assembled cassettes

*High Praise 4 This Product*
“I've been listening to the cassette you recently compiled: WAD's "Wandering Nervously."  It's basically an act of genius.  Period.  Act of genius. Hoping you both are well, wherever and whoever you might be at the moment.”
Moaningly yours,
- The Whisper

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